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You can buy the full rules and map packs in digital format here. You can buy the physical copy from Game Crafter below.

Game Theme: In the land of Gate, there are four warring factions, each one currently controlling a single capital. They all have steadily growing populations and are constantly hungry for more land to alleviate their congestion problems.

Game overview: The players each control one of these factions in their attempt to expand their empire.

Number of players:

2-4 on the first map, 2-6 on the second (up to a potentially infinite number of players on future maps)

Target Audience:

A family strategy game, ages 6+



To start, players (2-4 on the map that comes in the default box) choose one colour of token each. They then place one of their tokens on a capital city. Decide amongst yourselves who goes first using whatever method you wish.

How to Play

On a player’s turn, he/she may choose to either:

  • Place one token (this is here forward referred to as ‘build one castle’ or similar)


  • Move one token (this is here forward referred to as ‘advance one castle’ or similar)

A player may also decide to use their turn to advance their capital city’s level. This is covered in a later section.


A player can advance a castle onto the same city as another friendly castle, In this case, the tokens are ‘stacked’ and the castle’s level goes up by one. In this way, a castle with one token is Level 1, a castle with two tokens is Level 2, and a castle with three tokens is Level 3. If you are using the tokens provided, you may instead swap two level 1 tokens for a level 2 token etc. using the same rules above. The maximum level for any castle is 3, and the maximum number of Level 3 castles for any one player is 3.


The aim of the default game is to control as many cities as possible. In this game type, a player wins if he/she controls more cities than any of his/her opponents at the end of the game.

Game Types

Default: Players compete to capture as much territory as they can. The game ends when a player has no options available on their turn.

Dominance: Players compete to capture every capital city on the map. The game ends when a player has achieved this.

Slaughter: Players compete to destroy enemy presence on the map. The game ends when there is only one player’s castles left on the map.

Gameplay Elements:

Players take it in turns to do any of these actions

  1. Move

  2. Attack if in range

  3. Level up if next to a token or occupying a capital city



  • The player rolls a dice to skip cities or just move a single space

  • The player moves his or her tokens that number of space in any direction


  • If the target is below your level, move to its space

  • Otherwise, roll the dice, if you roll the same or higher as the defender’s level, move to its space


  • When occupying a city adjacent to a port, a player may choose to move to any other port, which counts for one turn.

  • However, if the target location is occupied by an enemy, refer to the rules on attacking above.

Is Your Refridgerator Running?

You can buy the tech demo here

Project Concept

The concept for this project is to create a silly game that sticks in players’ memories with intuitive controls and fun mechanics. My main goal is to develop my portfolio by creating a working game, but also to develop my working understanding of game engines.


Feature List

4 Separate abilities – Slide, Ice Gun, Hyper Jump and Invincibility

Pick up the abilities by walking into fridge magnets 

Collect food to increase your score and unlock new paths 

Enemies are stationary until the player is detected, at which point they will follow the player.

Custom environment and 3D models


Mechanical Information

Enemies have 100 health. Standard attacks will do 25 damage, while ability attacks will do 100 damage.


The Ice Gun has a cooldown of 3.5 seconds

The Slide ability has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds

Enemies will kill the player instantly if they touch him.


Invulnerability skill – enemies don’t damage player for 3 seconds

Assisted Jump skill – Player’s jump height is increased by a factor of 2 for 5 seconds.

Ice gun is now the only skill that damages enemies, and it does 100 damage. There will be varied enemies with larger health pools or more damaging collisions.

Enemies will also drop food – a collectible that restores a small amount of the player’s health as well as increasing their score – and fridge magnets (pickups that give the player new abilities.)


Game Theme: Shakazera is a lesser demon cursed to roam the lower floor of the tower forever. He's not particularly happy with that fate, however, and decides to use his fellow demons to increase his standing and climb the tower.

Overview: The player plays through a bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler, picking up synergistic item powerups and using a set of abilities to make it to the top of the tower.

Feature List: Enemies have attack patterns reminiscent of bullet hell games

4 MOBA-esque abilities: Reap, Fel Rush, Shielded Rush and Demon Form

5 Item pickups which can synergise well with each other

Procedurally generated content - Random room progression

Mechanical Information: Enemies have varying amounts of health. The player can obtain power ups to increase the damage dealt and change the damage recieved.

The player starts with 5 health, and this can be increased and healed, with a soft cap of 10.

Reap deals radial falloff damage with a maximum of 5. If it deals full damage it will stun any enemies caught with max damage.

Fel Rush executes a short dash forwards and deals radial falloff damage at the end, with a maximum of 3.

Shielded Rush executes a long dash forwards and generates a blue shield which can be broken but will wear off after a few seconds.

Demon Form temporarily boosts shot speed and damage.


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